• Personal Insurance Auto Rebates due to COVID-19

    List of insurnace carriers that have announced premium refunds and other changes to personal auto polices due to COVID-19. Please check back as this list is updated as we recive new inforation.

    Last updated 4/28/2020 - 8:43PM

    All carriers listed are providing billing assistance. Please call the carriers billing department to discuss options. Contact numbers can be found here.

  • Employee Theft

    When a business uses insurance and/or loss control to protect itself from losses, the focus is usually upon outside forces. In other words, the assumption is that some event or some party not directly connected with the business will be the source of a loss. While this assumption is legitimate in many instances, it is a very limited and dangerous assumption.

  • Mobile Equipment

    Insurance is so much easier when one understands how protection applies. However, mobile equipment is a class of property that complicates things because the line is blurred between it and what are considered to be vehicles. The distinction is important because of how protection is handled. When a loss involves mobile equipment, questions arise whether coverage exists under a general liability or some form of commercial auto policy.

  • General Contractors

    General contractors (GCs) are the playmakers for any significant construction project, taking responsibility for all key operations such as construction assignments, job site supervision, and activity coordination. Typically, GCs have their own construction specialty (example: malls, restaurants, office buildings, stadiums, arenas, parks, etc.). GCs are often larger concerns with a tremendous amount of expertise in their area of specialty. The level of experience is critical since it permits a construction project to be led efficiently and more successfully.

  • Construction Equipment Theft

    Building and Construction work is a tough, expensive business. It is critically important to have the right type and quantity of equipment available in order to complete projects. This means that medium and larger contractors have a lot of money invested in their machinery. Unfortunately, contractors face a problem that appears to be inherent…equipment theft. The most popular theft targets are: