• Loss (Reporting) Control

    Insurance consumers experience all types of property losses and, depending upon how serious the loss is, property owners have to decide what to do. Typically, the next move is to get an insurance company involved. When a loss amount is high, this may be the only practical thing to do. However, when a loss involves a more modest amount, it may be smart to carefully consider if it is appropriate to file a claim.

  • Discontinued Operations

    Mergers and acquisitions are very complex legal transactions that, besides substantially altering regular operations, can also affect an organization’s insurance needs. Unforeseen liabilities may arise for merged entities that produce tangible products. One area of concern is a discontinued operation.

  • Business Insurance Costs

    Businesses price their products to cover the costs of production as well as their labor, sales marketing and other major expenses. Prices also reflect some post-sales costs such as handling repairs or replacements under warranty. At one time many industries used a pricing strategy for their products that failed to reflect their true costs. A once-popular assumption was that lower prices would promote increased sales and the higher sales volume would make up the cost difference. The strategy wasn’t successful.

  • Office Functions and Alcohol

    The office picnic, office-sponsored sports activities, holiday party, and client party may involve serving and consuming alcoholic beverages. Therefore, a number of questions arise, such as the following:

  • The Commercial Umbrella Policy

    A Commercial Umbrella Liability policy is a coverage option that should be seriously considered by any business, regardless its size. Liability claims and court decisions involving millions of dollars are a reality. Any business can be found legally responsible for crippling financial judgments. A Commercial Umbrella Liability Policy increasingly referred to as an excess policy, can provide an additional layer of insurance protection to handle major losses.