• You Can Climb, But You Can’t Hide

    Tree houses are prime elements of childhood fun. They are clubhouses, hideaways, castles, war rooms, forts, spaceships, control centers, submarines; the list of what they can perform is limited only by imagination.

    Now let’s look at a tree house with an insurance company’s eyes….oh boy! Now we have a structure with a separate value that, just like a home, garage, shed, or pool; needs specific coverage. Worse, that coverage has to be for damage to the tree house as well as for protection against losses caused by owning a tree house.

  • Telecommuters and Insurance

    If you work from your home for part of your work week and if the situation is an ongoing arrangement with your employer…that’s telecommuting! That is also an opportunity to make special insurance considerations. Consider the following:

  • Special Form vs. Named Peril

    Is your home and personal property covered on a special form or on a named peril basis? Named peril means that the policy insures ONLY against the sources of loss (perils) listed in the policy such as fire, earthquake or hail. Special form coverage protects property against any source of loss that is not specifically excluded. Named peril coverage is increasingly rare for dwelling coverage, used in special situations such as very low-valued property, seasonal property, rentals and older homes that have a market value that is substantially lower than the cost to replace the property.

  • Minnesota may top Natural Disaster Claims in 2013

    Are you curious why Homeowners insurance premium continues to increase in Minnesota? This story will help shed some light on why your premiums have gone up even though you have not had a claim.

  • Are All Insurance Agents The Same?

    To get the best deal on insurance, many people consult an insurance agent or broker. But did you know that there are different kinds of insurance agents and brokers—and the one you choose can make a big difference in the type of service you get and the choices you're offered?