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  • Coverage For Business Autos

    Many businesses are exposed to possible losses due to the ownership, use or maintenance of vehicles used in their operations. Most coverage needs can be handled by a business auto policy (BAP) which covers operations such as:

  • Non-Owned Auto Coverage

    Employees routinely use their own vehicles in their jobs or just to run errands for their employer. Does your company have protection in case of an accident and both your worker and your company are sued? If your company has a business auto policy, it should include coverage for ‘non-owned’ automobiles. These are vehicles owned by others (such as an employee) that are used in the business of the company. Generally a business auto policy only protects against losses involving company-owned vehicles, so it is important to add "non-owned" coverage.

  • Commercial Auto Symbols

    Have you ever, during a particularly wild moment, closely examined the insurance policy that covers your business vehicles? If so, you may have noticed the little numbers that appear next to each listed coverage. Hopefully you’re familiar with these numbers and their meaning. If not, please see below.

  • Dangerous Workplace

    The only way that the vast majority of us provides for our needs for food, shelter, comfort and health is through having a steady, well-paying job. Yes, at various levels of satisfaction and pay, most of us spend many hours at jobs. Most of us can take it for granted that we can work in a safe environment. However, there are many occupations that are dangerous. Further, even while working in safer jobs, accidents occur. Sadly and often, accidents can be serious enough to alter or even end lives.

  • Insurance and Climate Change

    Regardless your stance on the question of global warming (aka climate change), many segments of our government and economy has taken actions influenced by this issue including the insurance sector.