• The Businessowners Policy

    If you own and/or run a smaller business, your insurance needs may be properly handled by a businessowner policy (BOP). A BOP is a single form that offers both property and liability protection. Retailers, wholesalers, small contractors, artisan contractors, dry cleaners, restaurants, offices and convenience stores (including those with gas pumps) are eligible for BOP coverage. All such operations may be insured by a BOP as long as they do not exceed the square foot or annual sales limits established for the program.

  • Inland And Ocean Marine Coverage

    Ocean Marine is the oldest line of insurance. Merchants trading goods over waterways developed the earliest concept of minimizing risk. Traders shipping goods along the Nile usually divided and loaded shipments onto more than one vessel. Using several barges meant that the loss of one shipment would only result in a partial loss.

  • Insuring Electronic Data Processing Equipment

    Most businesses are computer-dependent. Only the smallest retailer can operate without computer aid. Embedded chips and computers operate manufacturing equipment, contractors’ equipment and equipment found in hospital operating rooms. Rather than insuring computers as office or manufacturing equipment, the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) form protects hardware, software, media and other similar property. Coverage is available for hacking (unauthorized computer system access) and virus damage, power shortages, overload and outages.

  • A Safer Prom

    High school proms are early chances to participate in a formal event. It is also considered a chance to act as a full-fledged adult. The event involves arranging a complete evening of dining, dancing and socialization. However, just as much time should be devoted to making the event as safe as possible.

  • Covering Your Signs

    Business signs tell their customers their name, address, hours of operation and so on. Signs may be simple or complex and many businesses typically use lighted signs. The Sign policy created by Insurance Services Office is available to insure against the loss or destruction of signs, including fluorescent, neon, automatic or mechanical models. Coverage also extends to lamps. However, fixed, non-lighted signs (such as billboards) are not eligible under a sign policy, even if they are illuminated by separate electric lights.