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  • Social Media Liability

    Your chances of suffering a loss is increasingly affected by your use of the Internet and, particularly, social media. Increasing your awareness of social media liability loss exposures may help you to minimize or avoid them.

  • Loss Misery Loves Company

    One might think that insurance should be simple. One party wants protection and another party, if paid the right amount of money, is willing to provide protection. An insurance policy (a contract) controls what situations are covered. A very important part to consider is exclusions.

  • Subrogation

    An insurance policy, no matter what is being covered, is a contract between the insurance company and the party that wants protection. When a policy involves liability coverage, the contract, essentially, means that the insurance company will handle losses (injuries to other people and/or loss or damage to property that belongs to others). However, eligible losses are restricted to those that are the policyholder’s legal responsibility. There are many times that a loss is settled under a liability policy; but someone else may actually be responsible. Consider an example:

  • Hold Harmless Agreements

    The quality of our lives is highly affected by how we choose to spend our time. Any activity involves a chance that a loss could occur:

  • Entertaining Exposures

    From the smallest towns to the largest cities; there’s the repeated scene of a bar or club filled with people. They gather to eat, drink and to be entertained. Three sources of entertainment are still quite popular: live bands, DJs and karaoke. While many performers who provide these services do so full-time, the vast majority don’t. In fact, many such performers treat their activities as hobbies instead of businesses and that can create problems.