• Dangerous Workplace

    The only way that the vast majority of us provides for our needs for food, shelter, comfort and health is through having a steady, well-paying job. Yes, at various levels of satisfaction and pay, most of us spend many hours at jobs. Most of us can take it for granted that we can work in a safe environment. However, there are many occupations that are dangerous. Further, even while working in safer jobs, accidents occur. Sadly and often, accidents can be serious enough to alter or even end lives.

  • Insurance and Climate Change

    Regardless your stance on the question of global warming (aka climate change), many segments of our government and economy has taken actions influenced by this issue including the insurance sector.

  • Takaful Insurance

    As it is in Western Culture, insurance coverage in the non-western world has roots in its cultural and economic history. That is certainly the case with takaful insurance which, in various forms, is used in a number of countries that follow Islamic (or Shari’ah) law.

  • Insurance Surveys

    Life consists of actions….activities, in both one’s personal and business worlds. Making products, selling goods, owning property, transporting goods, storing property; regardless the type of activities, they all create the possibility of losses.

    Insurance is one of the ways to handle the, often, serious financial consequences of losses. However, it’s ineffective unless it is the right insurance. Depending upon your circumstances, it may be difficult to be confident that you have identified your exposures to loss accurately enough to select the insurance you need.

  • Wondering About Wind

    Wind is the weather engine of the world. As is the case with other elements of nature, man’s relationship with it can be perilous. Storms always bring the threat of injury and damage to property. For persons in the path of storms, the more information they receive, the better. We make increasing use of technology to improve how far in advance we can predict and track storms. Recently there have been advancements in assessing the level of threat presented by winter storms.