• A Safer Prom

    High school proms are early chances to participate in a formal event. It is also considered a chance to act as a full-fledged adult. The event involves arranging a complete evening of dining, dancing and socialization. However, just as much time should be devoted to making the event as safe as possible.

  • The Standard Property Policy

    The popular Commercial Package Policy (CPP) may not be available because of your building’s size, age, construction or its contents. Fortunately there is an alternative, the Standard Property Policy (SPP).

    Besides commercial buildings, the SPP also covers completed building additions, property used for maintaining or servicing the building (such as mowing or painting equipment), permanent fixtures (such as permanent shelving), and machinery. The SPP also covers material meant for construction or repairs to a covered building.

  • Dealing With Indirect Loss

    A business owner wants to protect company assets and one way to achieve this is by handling direct threats to buildings, equipment, office furniture, etc. However there is another area of concern that is critical for survival – addressing indirect threats.

  • Valuable Papers And Records

    Whether a business is a restaurant, a television station, a steel mill, a toy manufacturer or an accounting firm, they have one thing in common; they all have various types of important papers and records.

  • Covering Business Utility Services

    A commercial property insurance policy is reliable enough to handle direct loss to a business’s structures, equipment and related property. However, what happens when weather conditions turn mean and cause indirect damage by knocking out utility services? Property could be harmed by heat-induced transformer breakdowns. This form of power interruption affecting compressors, motors and switches, at a business could result in food spoilage or damage to climate-sensitive property. Equipment damage may also occur due to an accidental, sudden loss of power.