• Anti-Concurrent Causation

    Anti-Concurrent Causation. Yes, the term actually means something, even though it looks and sounds like something from the mind of Dr. Seuss or from out of Alice in Wonderland. Anti-Concurrent Causation is a policy provision that bolsters certain exclusions.

  • Back Off The Beach

    In recent years, major storms in the U.S. have created massive amounts of damage to property, particularly along coastal areas. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy continue to affect the lives and economies of entire regions. In the future, whether due to historic trends or the effect of global warming, forecasts indicate that similar, huge and powerful storms may become fairly common. That means more catastrophes that will injure or kill residents and cause economic havoc.

  • Insurance, It’s Worth It

    An Industry Only A Mother Can Love

    Years pass, decades pass and surveys are taken. The results are largely the same. Most folks don’t care much for insurance. Insurance is still seen, at best, as a necessary economic evil. It’s still common for many insurance consumers to believe that, unless their policies have paid out on a significant loss, the premiums they’ve paid for coverage has been wasted.

  • Innocent Insureds

    Insurance policies are meant to protect against accidental and, typically, spontaneous events. Intentional or deliberate actions that cause damage or injury do not usually qualify for coverage. While an insured having control over an act which causes loss or injury usually is grounds for exclusion, there are exceptions such as:

  • Everyday I’m Shoveling

    If you live in desert or tropical climes, this article is not for you. However, if you own either a business or residential property in an area that experiences frigid, winter weather, this season adds a burden that needs your attention…..snow removal.