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Just imagine if you could buy a new vehicle like you can now buy automobile insurance.

You call an 800 number or click a link on the Internet only to discover that you can now buy a brand new car for a mere $10,000. Amazed at your great fortune and savings, you place your order and rush to your nearest dealer to pick up your shiny new purchase.

When you get there, you notice that your new vehicle is missing a few parts that you consider to be essential, namely the wheels, seats, and engine. You ask the dealer about the non-existent items and he replies, “Oh, those are additional options you can purchase.”

The same thing can happen when you purchase your automobile insurance policy through an 800 number or over the Internet. Unfortunately, in this case, it may not be as immediately obvious which “options” you are missing with your cut-rate insurance. It may only be once you have an accident that you realize your policy lacks the coverage options you desperately need to help you pay your expenses.

You may think this is intentionally stated to scare you into doing something that isn’t in your best interest. On the contrary, our intent is to match you with a local, independent agent who specializes in auto insurance, rather then have you flounder with high deductibles and expenses that a 800 number or website fails to mention. Our intent is to help you find someone you can trust.

Here is what we mean:

Not all car insurance is the same. It doesn’t come in a box sitting on a shelf in a store.

For instance, do you know if your quick quote for automobile insurance includes pricing for coverage of:

  • Uninsured motorists?
  • Underinsured motorists?
  • Property damage?
  • Bodily injury?
  • Guaranteed auto protection?
  • Medical payments?

At this point you may be saying to yourself, “What do these terms even mean?”

You are not alone, so don’t worry! We will clearly define each of them for you within this helpful website. Use the information on this website to become a smart, informed automobile insurance customer! In many cases, the sales of the 800 number or website company depend upon your insurance ignorance.

They speak cavalierly about “naming your price” when one of the primary objectives of insurance is to protect your assets. If you spend too little on insurance and buy low liability limits, you could be saddled with a judgment against your potential earnings for the rest of your life. You’re too smart to believe that buying insurance should be some kind of private auction.

Also, will you know how to reach someone at the 800 number or website when you are most in need? After an accident, will you be put on hold, get an answering machine, or need to wait for an e-mail response? What are their records for paying claims, and paying those claims quickly?

Don’t buy auto insurance on price alone. Your life, and the lives the passengers of both vehicles involved in an accident, may depend upon you making the right choice. The wrong choice can cost you hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars.

Insurance companies want to write insurance for people who are responsible. They price their product based on what you tell them and what they can verify. Your independent agent can match your desired coverage with a company who is eager to have you as a client. Finding the company that thinks you’re the right kind of risk is the best way to save money.

Fortunately, there is someone who can help you.  Your auto insurance independent agent has a choice of automobile insurance companies from which you can select. Your agent knows the laws and companies which provide coverage options. 

Don't try to handle your automobile insurance needs without an agent you trust. Contact Securis for a free coverage review and proposal.