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Have you reviewed your home owners insurance premium? If not you may want to take another look, you may be surprised by the premium you are paying.

Contact one of our insurance specialists at 952-479-5780 so we can lower your home owners insurance premium. We specialize in home owners insurance in Savage, Burnsville, Apple Valley, Prior Lake, Eden Prairie, and Lakeville areas.

The last ten years has not been good for homeowners insurance in Savage and surrounding communities. Increased storm activity has caused increased losses for insurers, particularly hail damage losses. A good example of this was the storm which occurred on August 6th, 2013. The storm produced damaging hail in Savage, Eden Prairie, Burnsville, Eagan and Apple Valley. According to National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) hail causes about $1 billion dollars in property damage each year. Living in a state which ranks among the highest for hail risk does not help.

According to NOAA the light blue states have the highest hail risk.

Map of states at high risk for hail

In response to the high losses, insurance companies have been raising homeowners premiums steadily over the past few years. One major insurer has gone as far as reducing coverage to minimize the losses incurred by wind and hail claims. If you or your insurance agent did not review your renewal you may have reduced coverage and not be aware of it.

Being an independent agent in Savage allows us to provide you with many options and the lowest premium for home owners insurance in the market place. Contact Securis at 952-479-5780 or fill out a quote request and we will contact you for free review of your current coverages and a quote.